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  • Conflicts ! Exploring those toxins and discovering their antidotes.

    20 December

    Agnieszka Jaros and Romaine Johnstone, the PWN co-VPs Professional Development, hosted a session on the hot topic of conflicts, in...

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  • Last International Program about Negotiating Your Pay: What an Informative Event!

    12 December

    On December 7th, Minimes was the place to be to attend the International Program event “Ask For More: Negotiate Your...

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  • Christmas Party: What You Missed From This Prestigious Night 

    4 December

    One of the events we are most proud of at PWN Paris is our yearly Christmas Party. For this edition, Maison Baccarat accepted to...

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  • Women & Money

    Women constitute half of the world population and they own less than 1% of the world’s wealth and property. Therefore, men are...

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  • Women & Technology

    Technology is changing all facets of our lives and these changes stand to profoundly impact the world of...

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  • Women & Ambition

    Ambition, an eager desire to succeed, is a feminine noun in French. However, it is hardly ever used to describe women’s lives while...

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