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  • 3 women, expert in Food & Hospitality share their 6 E’s

    19 June

    PWN TOP Executive team has launched a new serie of networking opportunities and business exchanges. For each afterwork, we are...

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  • Digital recruitment : revolution or not ?

    15 June

    PWN Paris CONGRESS 2018 on June 12 - Workshop on Digital recruitment by Martine Van Went & Catherine Brenann

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  • PWN Paris CONGRESS 2018 - Best of Day

    31 May

    " LEAD YOUR LIFE ! "  We invite you all to join our major event, open to non members, women and men. Come to learn, share, meet in...

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  • Women & Money

    Women constitute half of the world population and they own less than 1% of the world’s wealth and property. Therefore, men are...

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  • Women & Technology

    Technology is changing all facets of our lives and these changes stand to profoundly impact the world of...

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  • Women & Ambition

    Ambition, an eager desire to succeed, is a feminine noun in French. However, it is hardly ever used to describe women’s lives while...

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