• PWN/Professional Development - Workshop of March 20th, 2018

    24 April 2018

    Minfulness meditation : why and what for ? A meditative workshop on the theme of mental load and stress.

    The stimulating Professional Development workshop of March 20th at the Hôtel de l'Industrie brought together more than twenty PWN members, happy to discover and discuss meditation in a safe and convivial environment thanks to Christine Barois' expert and caring facilitation.


    The theme chosen for this workshop was that of personal effectiveness through mindfulness meditation : Meditation : Why and what for ? A meditative workshop on the theme of mental load and stress.

    It focused on :

          the mechanisms and reasons for increased stress and mental load

          misconceptions about multitasking

          understanding the meaning of "to be in the moment, deliberately and without judgment"

          learning about the positive effects of meditation on the health, the brain, and of positive action on our personal and professional lives

          companies that have implemented mindfulness programmes to improve the health and well-being of employees and the performance of the company

          AND, above all...

          how to start a meditation session, through exercises to explore mindfulness and to discover how our minds work.


    But why meditate?

    By concentrating one’s attention, through conscious breathing exercises and a focus on the present moment, meditation can strongly influence the course of our lives: if we are more concentrated, more efficient, more attentive, more creative, more serene, we are so much more likely to live a more satisfying life.

    Mindfulness meditation is akin to behavioural medicine, whose positive and scientifically proven effects on health, attention, memory, productivity and stress management are known and acknowledged.

    A regular practice of meditation converts agitation and stress into calm, obsession into contentment, and hatred and anger into benevolence.

    The numerous benefits over time of regular meditation :


    Less stress :

          Increased concentration

          Development of creativity

          Regulation of emotions

          Increased proprioception (feeling one’s body sensations)

          Spotting automatic repetitive thought processes

          Change one’s relationship with negative thoughts.


    Improved health :

          Increased immunity

          Regulation of diabetes

          Regulation of sleep disorders

          Regulation of blood pressure

          Positive impact on chronic pain


    A better quality of life at work:

          Action supported by mindfulness : + 26.5%

          Personal efficiency : + 13%

          Quality of observation: + 26%

          Improved responsiveness : + 25%

          Non judgement: + 22%

          Manifestation of medical symptoms: - 32%

          Symptoms linked to stress : - 29%



    Thank-you to all PWN participants for their focus, active and enthusiastic participation. And thank you to Christine for the very encouraging and thought provoking workshop.

    We look forward to seeing you all again soon !



    For more information, contact Christine Barois :

    Bar à Méditation

    5 rue Gaillon

    75002 Paris

    01 47 42 00 00




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    Chères membres,

    Le 8 mars dernier, L’International Women’s Day a été une journée importante de mobilisation pour les droits des femmes et la réduction des inégalités. Cette journée nous a rappelé que l’un des enjeux cruciaux de notre société est l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes. Les femmes représentent plus de la moitié de la population mondiale. Leurs compétences, leurs talents et leur créativité sont essentiels pour accélérer un développement économique  profitable à tous et qui contribue à un avenir meilleur. Les PME,  conscientes des enjeux peinent à développer une politique de mixité au sein de leur entreprise par manque de temps et de moyens.

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