International Hub Experiential Workshop “Leverage Your Cross-Cultural Cooperation” with Sylvie Tournier

17 December 2019

On November 21st PWN Paris International Hub together with Develop track invited members to participate in an experiential workshop dedicated to leveraging cross-cultural cooperation. 

Led by Sylvie Tournier of Crossroads Communications, the aim was to give participants a foretaste of cross-cultural management and leadership with distantly located stakeholders. 

This was done by inviting us to play a card game called Barnga - a great simulation of a cross-cultural situation with no common understanding on rules, codes and values. A fun exercise which - through laughter, confusion, but also some frustration - made us realize and reflect on how we instinctively cope in unknown cross-cultural settings.  

This led to a fascinating discussion with all participants exchanging personal experiences of cross-cultural challenges and tested ways to overcome them.

Sylvie Tournier shared some tips for better collaboration across cultures, the most important one being: never assume!  

She also explained the dangers of distance for distant teams: disengagement, sub-optimization and confusion, and shared tips on how to minimize them. Apart from avoiding assumptions, being concrete, explaining the context, making the implicit explicit and having patience are some elements that will help improve cross-cultural collaboration with teams spread across the world.

The workshop was a fun and personally enriching experience, bringing together a diverse group of experienced and engaged participants from different backgrounds and cultures. Here’s what they had to say:


“I had the pleasure to attend the workshop “Leverage your cross-cultural cooperation” by Sylvie Tournier, a cross-cultural expert and organized by PWN Paris International Hub. It was fantastic and I would recommend it to any expatriate in Paris!

I really liked sharing experiences with other female PWN members from different cultures. The PWN Paris International Hub is a wonderful team of brilliant women from all over the world, which made me and the other participants feel at ease to be open and share our cross-cultural experiences.

I also warmly recommend all events organized by them not only the workshops with great networking cocktails but also the afterworks. I find their way so professional and comforting. You feel like being among friends!” 

- Aurélie Kamal

“The workshop “Leverage your cross-cultural cooperation” by Sylvie Tournier was a fun way to observe and get aware of communication difficulties we may deal with whilst working in a multicultural environment. Sylvie gave us a few practical tips we can easily take advantage of to be more efficient in our team management.

It was my first time in a workshop organized by the international hub and I will absolutely register for new workshops. The group atmosphere was full of benevolence and positive energy. It feels good to share experiences with so many interesting women!

- Melanie Depret-Bixio 


Thanks to Sylvie Tournier for designing and facilitating this excellent workshop and to International Hub and Develop Teams for making it happen.

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