PWN Paris Mentoring Programme Kick-off

19 November 2019

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Following months of preparations, recruitment, selection and matching of participants, the 2019/2020 edition of PWN Paris Mentoring Programme was officially launched on November 6th. The kick off event, organised by PWN Paris Mentoring Team under the lead of VP Develop, Romaine Johnstone, took place at Moody’s offices in central Paris and gathered over 60 participants, mentors and mentees who met their counterparts for the first time. 

 “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” 

Oprah Winfrey

At PWN Paris we strongly believe that mentoring, along with networking, is a critical component to successful professional development and can be a great career and leadership accelerator. Our Mentoring Programme has been running for several years now and is one of the highlights of PWN Paris’ offer for members, with over 500 mentor-mentee pairs having benefitted to date. On November 6th we were excited welcome and meet “the class of 2020”.


After welcome and introductions by Cécile Bernheim and Françoise Derolez, PWN Paris co-Presidents, Romaine Johnstone, VP Develop in charge of the Mentoring Programme, and presentation of this year’s programme by Edith Lafargue, Mentoring Programme Co-Lead and Coordinator, there was time for mentees and mentors to meet in pairs, get to know each other, and engage in initial exchanges of expectations and aspirations.  

Apart from the “classic” Career and Leadership Mentoring (which remains most popular amongst our members), the participants of this year’s edition could choose to participate in two other programmes: Reverse Digital Mentoring (where digital natives, usually younger women, mentor less digital-savvy mentees who wish to improve her digital skills) and Inclusive Mentoring (where men are mentored by experienced professional women). The Inclusive Mentoring is an innovation exclusive to PWN that was launched last year as part of our Engaging Men initiative – in addition to all the other benefits associated with mentoring, it allows male mentees to better understand women’s perspective and helps overcome gender stereotypes in the professional field. 


 To learn more about PWN Paris Mentoring offer (in French) click here

The kick off event marked the beginning of an exciting, potentially career-defining journey for this year’s mentors and mentees. The pairs will continue to work together until July 2020, sharing, exchanging and learning from each other while working towards their predefined objectives agreed at the beginning of their engagement. Throughout the programme they will be accompanied and supported by the dedicated members of the Mentoring Team.  

We wish all participants of this edition a very fruitful collaboration and lots of successes on this exciting journey. We’ll look forward to hearing about your experiences and how mentoring helped you with your professional growth at the end of the programme. 

With huge thanks and appreciation to PWN Paris Mentoring Team 2019/20:  Edith Lafargue, Sophie Grenier-van Straelen, Anouk Dahan, Danielle Defontaines, Sylvie Lafosse, Sylvie Serre and Romaine Johnstone, VP Develop PWN Paris

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