PWN Paris partner of FFSE, French Federation of Sport on Company, on the SWinG project

05 July 2019

PWN Paris is proud of being an active partner of FFSE, French Federation of sport on Company, on the SWinG project, an  Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. This project ambitions to promote and accelerate female presence in governance bodies of sport organizations.

The first two productions of the SWinG project are meant to provide a State of Play -both in sport and business organisations worldwide- of:

  1. the reality of women in decision making roles (IO1) and 
  2. the existing mechanisms and initiatives to support and promote women leadership (IO2), work developed by PWN Paris

The work carried on so far as clearly demonstrate under-representation of women at all levels and in all sports organisations. For example, women’s representation in sports governance remains low. While the IOC is leading the way with 30% of women on its board, various studies have demonstrated a global average of just 19 to 20% of women in sports organizational boards. The SWinG Desk Research survey conducted between March and May 2019 on a sample of sport organisations tends to picture a similar situation: 26% of Women in the Board but only 19% of women in Executive Position on these boards.

Please read the recent press release detailing progress: SWinG Press Release - Full Partner Meeting 2 - June 2019


Press release SWinG partners ready to #BalanceForBetter in sport - February 2019:

The SWinG project partners, initiated by FFSE, gathered on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th of February 2019 to officially kick off this 3 years’ project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Read the press release:  Press Release SWING

To know more about this project: 


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