Speaker Dinner with Béatrice Lazat

14 March 2019

The 7th of February I had the opportunity to attend one of the Professional Women's Networking events called "Speaker Dinner".  

This was my very first date with PWN and I must admit that I didn't know what to expect from this evening: I only knew that the place "Le Restaurant du Sénat" must be beautiful and that the speaker "Beatrice Lazat" must be interesting.

The Soirée was absolutely amazing.

To start with, the place was gorgeous and I felt very privileged to enter this building decorated with red carpets, gilt stuccoes and ancient mirrors. 

Secondly, I experienced the professional and warm Art of Receiving of the PWN team. The room where the event took place was intimate and it allowed all the attendees to get in contact in a very spontaneous and informal way.

Béatrice Lazat (CPO at Kering) shared with us the challenges she has faced during her successful career.  Her transition from one country to another, from one company to another and from one function to another inspired the whole audience.


Personally I identified with these international experiences, with the challenges and the openness approach. I felt connected with these women as we shared our thoughts with great kindness towards each other: we exchanged a lot around transformation (the one that almost all companies are facing today), the need for women's talents (soft skills) and the need to foster the women's audacity. 

Last but not least, this was a great opportunity for networking and for getting in touch with women coming from different countries and working in different industries such as of Beauty, Luxury, Digital, Hospitality, Finance, to name a few.

I am Italian and have lived and worked in Italy and Switzerland, and now I live in France. I was very much looking forward to meeting people with the same international background and I am happy that I found this excellent professional network.  

Finally, I would like to thank Romaine Johnstone who introduced me to PWN and Corinne Albert for the outstanding organization. 


Katia Sambugaro

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