PWN Paris City Tour Trip to Nice-Antibes-Monaco

30 November 2018

By PWN Paris members Anna from Poland and Adeline from France. It was a wonderful opportunity to network and enjoy south of France with beautiful weather! 

After our trip to Vienna, Austria and Nice Côte d'Azur, France, we plan to visit Bucharest in Roumania 12,13,14 April 2019 - SAVE THE DATES!


By Anna Zgadzaj 

When I signed up for the City Tour Trip to Côte d’Azur I had only recently joined PWN Paris, as a new member and didn’t know anyone in the network.  But I hoped that spending the weekend discovering the French Riviera with other members would be a good opportunity to get to know the association better.

I also had a personal motivation, as I’ve been considering moving to that region in a couple of years - so the choice of the destination was perfect for me.

The idea behind the PWN City Tour Trips is to have a small group of members visit another PWN city for a weekend of sightseeing, fun and networking with local representatives.

 In fact, because our destination was Côte d’Azur, we got to visit not just one, but three PWN Cities - Nice, Antibes and Monaco - where the PWN Nice Côte d’Azur network is active.

We kicked off the weekend on Friday night with drinks and dinner in a cool boutique hotel in Nice, joined by two local PWN members, Theresa and Nathalie. The next two days were spent discovering Côte d’Azur in the company of local PWN women who each took time to show us their hometown. 

We walked the colorful streets of old Nice and climbed the Castle Hill for some breathtaking views of the Mediterranean with Angela; we learned about the local arts scene and discovered artists ateliers and the famous Picasso Museum in Old Antibes with Grazia, Carmen and Nicola ; we visited the splendid Casino and admired breathtaking vistas from Le Rocher while having lunch on a terrace in Monaco with Nathalie. 

Trips like this are special not only because of the beautiful locations, but more importantly because they unite a group of virtual strangers, who choose to take time off their busy schedules to meet, exchange and make connections. 

There were ten of us in total (five “tourists” from Paris and five local hosts), each from a different background and with different professional experience. 

A mix of nationalities, ages, family situations and perspectives – this diversity sparked many inspiring conversations throughout the weekend.

One of my favorite moments was taking refuge from the biting cold wind in Antibes in a busy Lebanese restaurant - all of us sitting around a table over a delicious feast of mezze, sipping on hot mint tea and spontaneously sharing our life stories. 

The storm outside prevented us from planned afternoon activity on the beach, but gave us a chance to spend a couple of hours getting to know one another and sharing experiences, each of us taking turns to talk about herself. 

On the train back to Nice Airport on Sunday I realized that although it had only been 48 hours since I’d arrived, I felt like I got to know Côte d’Azur much better, seeing it through the eyes of local PWN members who made this place their home and showed us the best of it. 

I knew that if I ever move here, there will be a great network of welcoming women that I can reach out to. But also, that for now in Paris I will no longer feel like a total newbie, having spent quality time with inspiring women whom I can’t wait to reunite with at upcoming PWN Paris events!

Anna - +33 (0) 6 10 15 46 57, Brand Content & Web Marketing Expert, PWN Paris New Member



By Adeline Bonnet

When I was asked to write a few lines about the City Trip to Côte d’Azur, three words spontaneously came to my mind:

Intimacy - this weekend offered us numerous quality times to get to know each other, and, since we were a small group, it allowed us to really connect with one another. I loved hearing about everyone's backgrounds and inspiring lives.

Hospitality - the local hosts welcomed us with open arms. They didn’t hesitate to share the secrets of their cities with us. I felt as if I was part of a big family.

and of course, “Dolce vita”: it was such a pleasure to enjoy a last glimpse of the summer. The sun was shining, the sea invigorating and the food delicious.

Thanks for the nice experience !

Adeline -  +33 (0) 6 68 58 56 24 Insight Brand Manager, PWN Paris Junior Member


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