Unleash your positive energy!

28 June 2017

Back in May, 20 members of our PWN Paris network unleashed their positive energy in a workshop led by Annelaure Crestot and Caroline Desmazures, 2 professional coaches. They explain to us what went on during that training.

First of all, we identified our sources of energy. We have 3 batteries: mental, emotional and physical. We rated our overall energy level on a scale of 0 to 10. Each battery was represented on the ground. We had to stand up on the battery with the highest charge at that time. Then we addressed our personal monitoring indicators and the ways we could load our batteries to remain well balanced. Together we built a mind map of best practices to load our batteries.

It was time to put theory into practice. We tried one of the best practices to charge our batteries, with an initiation to the gentle Pilates method, to improve both our postural alignment and our breathing.

For that, we formed a circle. We took the right Pilates posture, from toes to head, paying specific attention to how to smile across our collarbones to open the chest and bring the smile to our lips, as if opening up to the world around us.
Next, we introduced the costal breathing that calms us down and allows us to reconnect with ourselves.
At last, we made the most of a positive visualization exercise. This tool used anytime can bring ourselves into a state of well-being. We were sitting comfortably with our eyes closed letting ourselves being led into the visualization of what happened during the workshop. This  neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tool helped us establish personal anchors such as a picture, a sound, a movement, a scent...

For the workshop closing, we did rate again our overall energy level. And each and every one of us was asked to describe her experience in a couple of words, unleashing their new positive energy.

The workshop hosts:

Annelaure Crestot
certified professional coach, Gestalt coach, collective intelligence trainer, Process Communication Model® certified, 15 years’ experience in HR within major groups.

Caroline Desmazures
certified professional coach, management and personal development trainer, Karate coach, sports coach, Pilates instructor, 13 years’ experience in career management within major groups.

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