PWN Paris - #Develop Programme #Empowered: Drive your professional efficiency by developing your assertiveness

17 May 2022 18:30 - 20:00 QuinteSens

Professional assertiveness is a challenge: the balance between affirming your position around the table, while remaining faithful to your own communication style, and listening to your counterparts is tricky. And yet this posture is a booster to gain impact, leadership and efficiency in your job. We offer key concepts and best practices to develop your own assertiveness in this workshop.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Understand your go to communication style
  • Discover 5 keys to develop your assertiveness
  • Identify key steps and simple actions to make a change in your position in the short run

This workshop aims at helping you identify and develop the fundamental ingredients to empower your posture and communicate efficiently, during key moments in your professional life. The approach is based on transactional analysis and neuroscience. 

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 Audrey Hicke, SBE Coaching founder and Executive Coach, helps, entrepreneurs and executives to focus on their value added and create the space needed to make strategic decisions. She helps them how to grow their talent and communicate assertively.

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