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PWN Paris Newsletter December 2019

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

It is with a lot of emotion and huge gratitude that we wish to thank Cecile Bernheim, with whom Françoise worked for 4 years at PWN Paris presidency. Our aim was to transform the network and open it to gender balanced leadership. Why? Because it is crucial to have a fair women presence at each level in companies and organisations. Many surveys show that mixity is a source of performance and competitiveness. With the Board, we are very proud to have reached this objective in June 2019 and announced the opening of the network to men membership during the annual PWN Paris Congress. The initiative was supported by Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Deputy Minister of Economy, Salwa Toko, President of the National Digital Council, and Marie-Pierre Rixain, Member of the Parliament (Essonne).

#ThankYouCecile for your commitment to accelerate and develop women’s career, your positive attitude and willing to transform PWN Paris towards gender balance. You are a role model for all PWN Paris members and beyond. 

We take this opportunity to invite you to express your views in the ongoing citizen consultation on gender equality launched by Minister of Economy, Bruno Lemaire, and Deputy Minister for Equality between women and men, Marlène Schiappa – participate here, you have until 20 January.

Today, a new chapter of PWN Paris opens with a new co-Presidency led by Françoise Derolez and Marie-Laetitia Gourdin whose mandate will focus on both continuing the legacy from previous actions, in particular regarding gender balance, and on taking the network one step further by innovating with new programmes aiming at bringing the new generation of leaders to the network, making sure that all members feel they are supported throughout their career development and leadership, and increasing PWN Paris external visibility and impact.

The year comes to an end, and while we are all starting to feel the need for some holidays, both Françoise and Marie-Laetitia, as well as the whole Board (Jarka, Claire, Anna, Romaine, Marie-Laure, Pierrette, Virginie, Christina and Isabelle) that has partly changed following recent elections, want to wish you all a very festive season to you and your loved ones. May 2020 bring many happy memories so that we can look back and say that we are proud of what we have achieved collectively and individually.

Françoise Derolez & Marie-Laetitia Gourdin,
PWN Paris Presidents     


Our Members

Cécile Bernheim - Lady of the Month


I have enjoyed many diverse and rich experiences during my professional life. Currently an entrepreneur, I created my own strategy-consulting firm after more than 30 years in international...



It is with a lot of emotions and huge gratitude that we wish to thank Cécile Bernheim, Co-President of PWN Paris for her 4 years of the PWN Paris presidency (together with Françoise...


Welcome to our new board!


In November we held the PWN Paris Board Elections 2019 with 6 strategic positions open for voting: Co-Presidents, Treasurer, VP Communications, VP Membership Experience, VP Partnerships and VP...


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PWN Paris Annual General Meeting 2019


The PWN Paris Annual General Meeeting 2019 was held at Mairie du XVIIème on December 3rd, just before the Christmas Party celebrations. For those who were unable to join us for the AGM, here are...


Christmas Coctail Party 2019


The Christmas evening is one of the great events for PWN Paris. It is the time to gather around in a cheerful and glittering atmosphere, prinkled with champagne and foie gras toasts. This year, we...


Soyez visible, parlez de vous !


Vous, aujourd’hui, comment parlez-vous de vous ? Oh, non, moi je ne me mets pas trop en avant et en plus, je n’aime pas trop me vanter. Le 11 décembre 2019, dans le cadre du programme « Drive your...


International Hub Experiential Workshop “Leverage Your Cross-Cultural Cooperation” with Sylvie Tournier


On November 21st PWN Paris International Hub together with Develop track invited members to participate in an experiential workshop dedicated to leveraging cross-cultural cooperation. 


Rencontre avec Sylvie Jéhanno, PDG de Dalkia


Sylvie Jéhanno, notre Guest Speaker d'octobre au Sénat, est PDG de DALKIA qu'elle dirige depuis le 1er janvier 2017, filiale à 100 % du Groupe EDF depuis le 25 juillet 2014. En 2018, l'entreprise...


Our Partners

Lancement du fonds "Valeurs Féminines Global" qui soutient PWN Paris


Nous sommes ravies et honorées d'annoncer que notre association PWN Paris a été sélectionée comme bénéficiaire du fonds « Valeurs Féminines Global ». 

FOX Gestion d'Actifs, société de gestion en...


Article de Robert Walters sur le management de transition


ROBERT WALTERS, référence mondiale du recrutement spécialisé et partenaire de PWN Paris, partage avec nous un article de Félicité de Basquiat, Senior Consultant membre de PWN Paris, sur le...



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