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PWN Paris Newsletter October 2019

Last June PWN Paris became inclusive opening its doors to men while keeping its purpose of promoting female leadership and a more equitable society and economic environment.

Indeed despite all the effort on women development, the situation is hardly evolving : only 15% of women in executive committee, remaining pay gap... despite laws and reports demonstrating the economic benefit of more balanced management. 

Why so? Well, we cannot have an action one-sided when the topic involves both men and women. So the change can only happen if women and men act side by side to foster change within organizations. 

PWN has the legitimacy to drive change ; PWN wants to be at the forefront and bring innovative approaches to accelerate the movement. 

By opening the network to men, we are conscious that is a significant transformation. Such a move doesn’t come without risk ; it needs careful orchestrating  to ensure respect and preservation of our culture and values. 

Part of this process is to welcome men, convinced about the urgency to act, and adapt our way of doing  to become an inclusive network. Today 12 men have already joined PWN Paris. 

To this extent, we gathered, on October 15, 60 people with a perfectly balanced representation of men and women. The 2-hour discussion without taboo was so energizing and encouraging. Many concrete ideas popped up: experience sharing of men and women to uncover stereotypes , mentoring, ambassador role within organizations ...

This is just a beginning, we will reflect on all the suggestions made and build new strategies and development plan. We will soon come back to you with a proposal.

We are confident that you share with us the obligation to transforming our beloved network to adapt to the twenty-first century. 

Françoise Derolez & Cécile Bernheim
PWN Paris Presidents


Lady Of The Month

Juliet Atkinson, Founder of The Coaching Connection


I am originally from Nottinghamshire in the UK and have lived and worked in France since 1996. I studied English Literature at the University of Lancaster and went on to train as a coach at the...



PWN Paris Mentoring : lancement des programmes 2019-2020


PWN Paris accompagne depuis de nombreuses années le développement professionnel de ses membres grâce à son programme de mentoring, reconnu et couru. PWN Mentoring est un des modules de la...


Back On Our Latest Events

Three Secrets to Your Career Success


To kick off our 2019-2020 program, we were delighted to welcome Corinne Hirsch as guest of honour. Corinne, Vice President of PWN Paris Think Tanks for many years and co-founder of the Laboratoire...


Une soirée conviviale et très animée en présence de notre VIP Guest Speaker Caroline Gaye


Avec son ton direct et son enthousiasme communicatif, Caroline Gaye, Directrice Generale France de American Express (700 personnes), a partagé son expérience professionnelle et donné ses conseils...


The International DNA of PWN Paris network


On the 2nd of October I attended, the PWN Paris International HUB kick-off that was launched thanks to the contribution and the enthusiasm of two PWN members, Kerstin Leibold (German) and Valeria...


Comment changer de carrière pour «faire carrière»


Le changement de carrière : frein ou accélérateur de carrière ? Accélérateur si on sait choisir ses virages et les piloter ! «Disrupt Your Career» est le 1er workshop du programme DRIVE YOUR...


Our Members

PWN Paris hosted its Welcome Cocktail of the Rentrée


On 26th September, PWN Paris was delighted to host new members at its Welcome Cocktail held in the fine premises of Hotel de l’Industrie in central Paris. With more than 40 attendees including 4...


Our Partners

SWinG mentors are known and ready to rock!


What is the limit when mentors from Europe join to create a wave for women decision makers in sport?

PWN Paris is proud to be a partner is the SWinG project which promotes female leadership in sport.


Reading Corner

Parfois ingérables, toujours brillants


Avec des profils et des parcours extrêmement variés, les hauts potentiels – environ 2% de la population – n’ont pas tous fait de grandes écoles, s’avèrent parfois déconcertants pour leurs managers...


In the Press

Sport et Leadership au Féminin


A video on Le Figaro live sport in which Cécile Bernheim, PWN Paris co-President has been interviewed.



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