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PWN Paris Newsletter October 2018

Dear all, 

At the end of September, the international survey on Women and Ambition showed that women are as ambitious as men,

it is crucial for every woman to have this in mind while building her way to success. The umbrella of the season is Talents & Jobs of tomorrow. 

PWN Paris has thousands of opportunities to reveal your talent, broaden your experience and stimulate your career.

Let's take a step back, a huge portfolio to inspire you, share and learn through professional workshops with, for instance, the great initiative at the Institute of Neurocognitivism. 

What's more, on October 3rd, PWN Paris launched 4 mentoring programs, all great opportunities to develop your skills and network. And now a step ahead, this week, Marie-Laure Barrau kicked things off with the launch of the theme of entrepreneurship with very exciting possibilities to start your own company but also expand your vision as an entrepreneur, fit the strategy to your goals with agility and open-mindedness. The Top Executives committee is very active and proposes very interesting meetings with experts to break the board glass ceiling and place mixity at the right level.

Do not forget the inspiring dinners at The Sénat very soon with Chantal Roche and Anne Cécile Ortemann, presidents of the network "Avec les Femmes de la Défense" a vision of women in the public sector and how to be inspired and share with them, in December Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20, two very nice evenings to look forward to. 

And last but not least, the city tour in Nice will be a great moment to share and discover this very dynamic region. 

It is time for you to dare, to imagine your professional future, sky is the limit !


Cecile Bernheim and Françoise Derolez, Presidents of PWN Paris  


Lady Of The Month

Nathalie Nenon, Directrice Générale "Only Sports and Passions", groupe Webedia


Après 11 ans d’expatriation à Londres et Genève et une carrière rythmée depuis plus de 25 ans par une alternance d’expériences entrepreneuriales et postes corporate dans différents secteurs...


Back To Our Latest Events

AMBITION, ASSUMER POUR S’AFFIRMER : retour sur la soirée du 20 septembre.


Education et vie professionnelle : les origines du projet

Au sein du Think Tank « Women & Ambition », nous avons voulu gagner en clairvoyance sur cette qualité si souvent déniée aux femmes. 


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Successful re-launched of PWN Last Thursday Cocktail formula


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Running@PWN 9th out of + 300 teams at La Parisienne 2018


PWN Running is a group of approximately 40 members of PWN that's open to any PWN member who likes to run.

Our objective is to 


Welcome to our New Members

Thank you for joining PWN community! We look forward to meeting you soon


Anastasie GaldeanoAudrey MatteraCaroline GradwohlCaroline ReyCécile  Bellarosa, Christina BalanosDominique DecrozeDorothée KahnFrederique PrevotIsabelle JordanJohanna Rowe...


Welcome to New Members and Discovery Cocktail for non-members


Vous souhaitez accélérer votre carrière? Développer votre réseau professionnel? Améliorer votre leadership? Rejoignez PWN Paris lors du prochain Last Thursday Cocktail  le 25 octobre à...


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As a trainer on social media, I think there is a pressing need to strenghen the links...


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PWN Paris Mentoring New Program for 2019


Plus de 60 inscrits pour la réunion de rentrée qui avait lieu le 3 octobre à l’Hôtel de l’Industrie


Want To Get To The WOW Effect? Come and join Women In Transition


We are pleased to launch our third annual track of Women in Transition - an impactful journey we would like you to embark on. 


Initiatives et Evènements Top Executives


La semaine dernière, le Think Tank de PWN Paris dévoilait les résultats de son étude « Femmes et Ambition »  avec une très belle nouvelle à la clé : l'ambition chez les femmes est perçue, par les...


Professional Development Program 2018-2019 "Dare to Lead Your Life"


For those who missed the fabulous workshop which launched the PWN Professional Development programme for 2018 - 2019 “Dare to lead your life”, here are the highlights of the workshop of September...



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