Young Talents : let’s talk about your future

24 February 2020

On the 11th of February, we launched the first Young Talents event : « Young Talents : let’s talk about your future ». This new hub of PWN has been greatly anticipated in order to address the professional needs, goals, and aspirations of millennials, who will manage their careers in different ways than that of the previous generations. The objective of this first event was to identify how PWN can help young professionals drive their career and leadership.

Adeline Bonnet (Co-Lead Young talents and volunteer), Justine Hardy (Co-lead Young talents and volunteer), Lana Yoo (Co-lead Young talents and International hub volunteer) organised this workshop with much enthusiasm. It took place in the beautiful cellar of Les Epiciers in central Paris to offer a cosy atmosphere. Seventeen participants (including eight non-members) were encouraged to share their ideas through « design thinking », led by Agathe Pietrantoni (CEO and co-founder of Mélibée).  Agathe is a notable expert in collective intelligence workshops and specialises in companies' transitions to sustainability.

For a majority of the Young Talent participants, this event was one of the first PWN events they had attended : indeed, they found the event as a good way to become more active in PWN. It was impressive to observe the friendliness and warmth emanating from the group, where more than five different nationalities were represented by the participants !


During this workshop, it was interesting to observe that many similar themes emerged from the participants : for example, we have our friends and family, but they are not necessarily the people we can talk to about our problems at work. Other highlights were expressed, like the simple desire to share and exchange tips to help each other, or interests in spontaneous afterwork events.

In a friendly atmosphere, the Young Talents team concluded its successful first event with clear actions to implement and events to organise in this new hub with the potential for answering Young Talents’ needs, as attested by this testimony of Marie : “It was a great event that allowed women from different horizons to connect and exchange. It is not every day that you get the chance to meet young talents, whether they are at the start of a career, wanting to change their job paths, or are just curious and ambitious professionals”.

The next event will take place on the 7th of April (theme to be communicated soon), and a brunch will be organised each trimester (the next one on the 31st of March). The road map will be discussed and shared soon.

Also, everyone agreed on the fact that the PWN network is strong due to its size and diversity and offers a rich catalogue of events. Indeed, the new hub’s objective is not to reinvent  activities, but to enrich and create synergies with the rest of the network by exchanging experiences with other members of PWN.


Justine Hardy & Lana Yoo, PWN Paris Young Talents team  &

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