International Hub Wine Tasting for a Taste of the World

08 February 2020

On February 4, 2020, Emilie Berquez, founder of Vino Social Club and PWN Paris member, led participants in a wonderful wine tasting experience.

Sitting around tables in small groups, on comfortable armchairs and sofas, participants went on an exploration of wine of the world through the sharing of sensory perception.

In a blind tasting of 2 white wines and 2 red wines, participants were asked to look carefully, comparing colors and textures; then smell, taking in the delicate fragrances of fruits, citrus, floral scents suggesting the flavor to come; finally tasting, discovering something very different from what was suggested by the first senses. A plate of finger food was served to accompany the two types of wine. The final step was to guess where the wines came from, what grape, what country.


This was the ultimate surprise as we learned that a same grape could yield a very different outcome, equally good, depending on where it was grown and produced. The selection made by Emilie Berquez came from Italy and New Zealand, Canada and France. At each step, participants shared their personal sensory perception and engaged in lively discussion, debating where the wines might come from. 

Before breaking out for networking, each table had to answer a quiz, requiring collaboration and agreement about what they learned and know about wine and taste. The winning table took home a bottle of wine to share - another opportunity to get together.

This workshop was an original way of sharing, learning and exploring. A delight for all!


“This Wine testing event organised by PWN Paris International Hub was a delight, for the taste, heart and brain! Through interesting cultural, historical and business insights, I deeply enjoyed this journey in « wine around the world », full of surprise and discoveries, thanks to the experienced guidance of Emilie Berquez, in the enchanting place of Hôtel Chateaubriand. But this tasty international experience was more than that: meeting new friends in an informal and cosy environment. Definitely a memorable event, as my very first experience of PWN! Thanks for the organisation, and the caring attention to newcomers!”

Marine d’Anterroches 

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