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18 November 2019

For our third workshop of our 2019-2020 program on November 7th at the INC, we were delighted to welcome Alexandra Germeau. Alexandra works with Leaders and their teams during their cultural and managerial transformations. She founded her company early 2018.

The objective of the workshop was to identify how to deflate conflicts by understanding where it was coming from and what would be the most appropriate answer to it. 

 The engagement of Alexandra was to deliver a full page of tools/tricks to the audience to activate immediately.  

The evening begun by a networking warm-up between people to break the ice.

The audience discovered first where the stress is coming from and how it helped us to survive over the past centuries. Brain and Neurosciences were the center of all attention. 

The first workshop in sub-groups was then to understand how to identify in what type of stress people are stuck in: Fight / Inhibition / Escape. In 3 groups, people started to list of physical signs and behavior that could be observed. Followed 10 minutes of group exchange.  

The second sub-group workshop was to learn how to react to each type of stress in order to deflate conflict. All sub-groups continued to list all possible actions. Followed again, 10 minutes of group exchange and testimonies.  


After having talked and debated about people’s stress, Alexandra investigated our own stress and listed “tricks and tools” that can be activated with no delay.  

The evening ended up with a small gift: all tips and tricks shared on a simple one page piece of paper to start reading on the tube. 

Thank you to all those present for a vibrant and engaging evening. Thank you also to everyone who stayed on to continue the conversation and connection over a drink and nibbles.


Alexandra Germeau
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Thank you, Alexandra! Thank you to the INC for hosting our Professional Development workshops this year and thanks to Muriel Janoir-Bessioud (PWN member) for making it happen. 

For more information on the PWN DEVELOP “Unleash Your Talents” programme,  please contact: Juliet Atkinson or Christine Mourgues-Bastide

The PWN DEVELOP Unleash Your Talents workshops for 2019/2020 are kindly hosted by our partner the INC - Institut du Neurocognitivisme.


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