PWN Paris is pleased to revive its international programme of activities

05 July 2019

We are very excited to launch a new series of activities at the Rentrée as part of a new programme called “International HUB” targeting all members who work in an international environment - or who plan to do so. 

Today, many of us are working and living in an international context. Communication with people from other countries and cultures sometimes can become difficult, and misunderstandings hinder efficient cooperation. 

Thanks to the International HUB, its  workshops and the special guests, PWN Paris will give you the keys for international and intercultural understanding and management, far beyond explaining the language differences or stereotypes.    

A stand-alone programme, yet run in close cooperation with the other PWN key tracks, it will offer specific professional development and networking events in English, enabling participants to succeed and enjoy multicultural management challenges, or even a new home country.

The “International HUB” will start in October 2019 with a kick-off event, that will introduce the goals of this new track and where invited speakers will explain the fundamentals of international cultures & cooperation. Other events and activities will be planned during the year - stay tuned and check the PWN Paris calendar regularly!  

Kerstin Leibold and Valeria Bini will be the co-leaders of this program. They met in 2018 at several PWN Paris events and discovered their common enthusiasm for the international management and intercultural topics. Based on the interest expressed by many PWN Paris members, including in the last membership satisfaction survey, Marie-Laetitia Gourdin (VP Membership) reinitiated the program and Valeria and Kerstin were happy to take on this exciting new challenge together.


We are looking for Volunteers who are willing to collaborate with us on this new enthusiastic journey. Please contact us at to receive additional information and to let us know your interest in becoming a part of this new Team!  

Join us for an evening of insights, knowledge, and networking with international Leaders and Entrepreneurs!

Wednesday October 2nd, kick-off event of the PWN Paris International HUB Program


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