11 March 2019

Running or walking? Being active together, meeting professional women from different horizons, having fun … are different reasons why we are 40+ women from PWN in the “Running@PWN” group. 

In autumn, we participate as a team in “La Parisienne” and “Odyssea” that are 5k, 7k, and 10k runs (and walks). Many of us started running thanks to the motivation we gained by joining Running@PWN. Some prefer walking, some go for longer distances – it depends!

Discover the personal story of some runners, participants in the Foulées de Vincennes that took place early February 2019. 

From left to right : Sylvaine, Morgane, Andrea, Nathasha, Laurence

Feb 2019 Foulées de Vincennes : Andrea, Sylvaine & Morgane running together


You might find similarities with your own context. Come and join us, to run or walk with other women close to your home on Sundays.  Join our La Parisienne team!

I joined Running @PWN because I thought I would be more motivated to put on my sneakers if I knew others were waiting for me. Being in this group brings me the satisfaction of having pushed myself forward. In addition, I have met many other women and have become friends with them. We can share our successes, our doubts and wishes while sweating together regularly.
- Why do you run La Parisienne with PWN
La Parisienne is an amazing women-only run. Seeing all women running and walking together enjoying the beautiful sights of Paris is something to be part of.  It’s also a first personal achievement. 
- What would you say to somebody who is willing to run but does not dare
I would tell her to trust herself and join us. My secret wish is to have 1 out of 10 PWN members take part in La Parisienne in 2019, either running or walking. It’s great fun and good for our health!
I started running after my second child, when I had a complex life organisation and needed to plan my sport sessions “whenever I could”. Joining the group for La Parisienne gave me a challenge to achieve. I enjoy the team spirit a lot. We all come here to run together, for La Parisienne, but also for regular outside trainings and for other races. 
The group has given me a lot of self-confidence, and I have improved greatly. At the beginning, I did not believe that I could run 7 km for La Parisienne. Now I run 18 km trails, with a decent time. This new self-confidence benefits both my private and business lives. And I also gained friends.
- Why do you run La Parisienne with PWN
Team spirit and group challenge. Even though we didn’t think at the beginning that we could succeed as a team, we have ended up on the podium for several years now.
- What would you say to somebody who is willing to run but does not dare
Please join!  And you will then believe in your own capacities. Everyone who wants to attain a good balance between body and spirit (we are business women, after all) is welcome, whatever her level. We can also chat during the Sunday training, or during the after-race brunches, which is lots of fun. 
In 2015, a 10th member was missing to build the yearly PWN Running team for La Parisienne. This motivated me to train. I was great to meet PWN women during Sunday trainings where we got to know each other, while running. Since then, although we have different levels, we have fun together and adapt to each other.  I think without the call for La Parisienne in 2015 I would not have started running. Today, I run up to semi-marathon, and 10km just for training purposes. I feel really good thanks to this regular outdoor activity.
- Why do you run La Parisienne with PWN
Team spirit – and giving my best so  as to enable PWN to maintain the achievements of the last years.
- What would you say to somebody who is willing to run but does not dare
I started with 20 minutes, and felt exhausted after each run, for several weeks. But even when you are 45 years old, muscles build up, and you start being able to run longer distances, and have fun and feel good. It is never too late to start, and it is an activity you can do wherever you are, while meeting interesting people at the same time.
As a South African in Paris, I am always looking for ways to meet new people from different circles. I recently joined the group because it is a great opportunity to meet up and chat in a relaxed atmosphere, while doing something else I enjoy, which is running. 
I have done quite a few races by myself and I am discovering just how much more fun it can be to run with a group! It adds a bit of extra motivation when you need it. At the same time, there is no pressure to meet any particular goal or time. People in the group are of different levels and everyone feels free to run at their own pace, together or separately and then we meet up for brunch afterwards. I benefit from an enjoyable morning in good company, a good run, and a friendly brunch! 
- Why do you run La Parisienne with PWN
This is not something I have yet done (I only joined in December) but I am looking forward to it this year. 
- What would you say to somebody who is willing to run but does not dare
Give us a try, we don’t bite!! Everyone is very welcoming to new members (like me) - even if you don’t know anyone in the group, you will feel perfectly at home. 
I discovered the group a few weeks ago on a PWN newsletter, and the last Foulées de Vincennes in February was a great opportunity to join the group. I have been running for a long time, just for fun or as a challenge (10k, 25k, 42k and trails). It is a physical and mental health practice for me. As a young mother and professional woman it was easiest to run alone when I had time to do so. Now I have more time to share these moments and I am looking for people to run with. The group is a nice way to meet women who like running just for fun with no particular constraint. It’s enjoyable to know that I can call someone to go for a run on a Sunday morning.  
- Why do you run La Parisienne with PWN
This is not a run I have done yet. I will be happy to sign up this time and share the race with the group. It’s a very nice race for all women!
- What would you say to somebody who is willing to run but does not dare
Come on and join the group! Everybody is welcome and it’s a great way to begin running whatever your level!

Our races are regularly published on the PWN calendar and in the weekly newsletter.

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