Open your Eyes: How do you adapt to the changing economy?

14 January 2019

We feel it on a day to day basis, the third economical revolution is moving forward changing consomption habits, business tools and ways of cooperation. Analysts say that in 2030 50% of the US workforce will be freelancers!

It is time to open our eyes: when digitalisation, the platform revolution and globalisation are profoundly changing the workplace, how do we adapt, anticipate and enforce our know how to maintain our employability?

Managing your competency portfolio:

At PWN Paris we want you to anticipate and be ready for the digital revolution. How? By knowing your talents and competencies, by learning to adapt to completely new business environments and by finding your personal sweet spot. 

Your personal sweet spot lies where you professional experience, your  personality and employment market needs cross.


When? June 12th, 2019 - 8:30 am to 20pm

Where? Société d’Encouragement de l’Industrie Nationale, 75006 Paris 

To register at an Early bird price, click here 



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