Power and Pizazz - How extraordinary women communicate

11 January 2019

End 2018, Lucy Hoffmann, founding partner of LingoFacto, offered to PWN members two  sessions of LingoFacto’s fabulous workshop. Here are some good tips to share.

Christine Lagarde, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama; we all have examples in mind of women that we enjoy listening to and who enthrall their audience... You might think that their ease of expression is innate but that is far from the truth. Their presence and natural authority owe nothing to chance: these charismatic women apply easy-to-learn techniques covering voice, mental preparation, body language, how to occupy space and stress management. And that is excellent news because it means that it is possible for you too!

Your voice is your most important tool when communicating. You impact first by sound and then by meaning. Speaking slowly, using silence purposefully, eliminating verbal pollution and developing your resonance will contribute to a more impactful communication. 

Your voice must be in alignment with your body language. Move with purpose, calmly using your hands to illustrate your ideas and to paint pictures. Harmonize your hand and foot movements with your message. Occupy space by anchoring yourself and holding your shoulders back and head up high. Use power poses to make yourself feel more powerful and reduce your stress levels. 

Just as your voice and body language should be calm, strong and in alignment, so too should your message. Eliminate weak structures and use dynamic, strong vocabulary and grammar. Word clouds can enable you to formulate impactful key messages.

Female leaders are few, but they are not successful by chance and achievement of professional and personal goals does not have to be limited to a minority of women. Communicating with impact and power will enable you to join the ranks of these extraordinary women. 



Managing Director at LingoFacto



Partner at LingoFacto


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