PWN PARIS Christmas Cocktail Party

06 December 2018

Elegant, stylish, welcoming, discreet, and “very Parisian” – these words come to mind when reflecting on the PWN Christmas Cocktail Party, December 4th.

Held in the stylish Le Rive Droite restaurant on the second floor of La Grande Epicerie Paris in the 16th arrondissement, the look and feel of the event was true Parisian chic. Almost 140 PWN guests (including men) gathered in this elegant and spacious venue, warmly welcomed by the PWN Paris board members and the restaurant staff, represented by Alexis Bouyer.
After the welcoming speech from the PWN Paris Presidents, we met Beatriz Gonzales, the head chef. Born in a Mexican family, she highlighted how much her father was also passionate about cooking. We later had the pleasure to appreciate the subtle flavours she prepared for our cocktail. Midway through the evening, the actress Christine Balanos animated a fun icebreaker to inject us with even more energy for further networking and celebrations. 
 The board and the organizing team were available for guests’ questions – all easy to identify by a stylish golden garland around their neck. They also prepared some thematic tables, each dedicated to one of the area of PWN activity and special events such as the 2019 Congress – with the women in charge welcoming visitors and talking about their initiatives in an informal and relaxed setting.
On arrival each guest was invited to fill in a card with their wishes and expectations from PWN, and share a special talent that they might want to contribute to the association.  It was a discreet, yet great way of listening to members and encouraging everyone to become more involved.
5 of those cards were drawn during the tombola: 7 lucky guests  received a gift 
1 bottle of Champagne offered by Restaurant Le Rive Droite
1 invitation to PWN Paris Congress 2019 offered by Ulrike Lehmann, PWN Paris Congress lead 
2 invitations to a PWN Speaker Dinner at le Senat
1 leather pochetteb OREGA  ,a  young luxury and CSR Brand
2 gifts from the young stylistJessica CHOAY , an accessory and a gift voucher
Throughout the evening there were plenty opportunities to network and socialize, and to meet and exchange with other members, whom we normally might not come across at some smaller PWN events. All this while sipping on prosecco or wine, and nibbling on delicious appetizers prepared by the young chef and her team. The speeches, as well as the informal conversations, allowed us to look back on the activities and accomplishments of the passing years, and to look ahead for what the new year has got on offer. And it looks like 2019 has a lot of good things in store for PWN Paris members.
Anna Zgadzaj (with Virginie Améaume)
member of PWN Paris

What a great success was our Christmas party gathering more than one hundred women and few men (yes indeed, they are welcome!) sharing a festive and networking evening in the beautiful Grande Epicerie de Paris, rue de Passy!
The opening party started with the testimony of the talented Mexican Chef Beatriz Gonzalez of the Grande Epicerie Restaurant. Her success story is a true inspiration and example to every woman:  believe in yourself and your dreams no mater how hard it seems. 

All participants were invited to write on a card their talent and their wish or their expectation from PWN Paris. 
How difficult it is to write about your talent and to feel strong about your own expertise!
How difficult it is to ask for something! 
Actually, the pertinent exercise proved that we can do it and we should continue to dare and be confident just like Chef Gonzalez.
It is a great opportunity that PWN Paris offers an amazing wide range of talents from many horizons and expertise, which allows audacious networking and collaborations within a caring environment. 
Let’s make a wish that every member will dare to be even more proactive within our networking group in order to strengthen their professional life, themselves and the others.
Let’s take advantage of the wide pool of diversity within PWN to receive but also to give!!!
Happy Holidays!
Béatrice Lissague Audacious Artist,
member of PWN Paris

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