When your brain switches from stress to innovation

17 May 2017

Back in April 2017, Agnieszka Jaros, in charge of the Professional Development events within our PWN network, invited me to a Stress & Innovation workshop.

We all met in the wonderful premises of BNP Paribas Personal Finance to shed light on the effects of stress on innovation. It started with energetic introductions: we were twenty or so participants and each of us was invited to introduce ourselves. After that, we began developing our vision of innovation building on collective intelligence. Then, we addressed the issue of stress and we discovered the strategies of our brain to go from stress to innovation. The experiment of some cognitive and behavioral exercises completed these theoretical inputs, applied to the attendees’ lives.

Our voices together, improvising was a lot of fun. Like that we discovered new inventiveness and innovation areas, unprecedented for most attendees.

To conclude, let me share with you our collection of « last words »: empathy, stressability, distance, science, let go, thanks, well-being, originality, ideas, inspiration, serenity, focus, balance, development, refocusing, fun, presence, to sing, to dare, to innovate.

For 20 years, Agnès Grisard has been exerting her expertise of team orchestration and blossoming of talents and leadership.
The first half of her career is as an engineer – project manager. She soon discovered her decided taste for federating men and women to achieve common goals. She then dealt with environmental issues implying strong concerns about quality and safety. Her next step was towards a career in training and coaching. She then educated herself in Behavioral and Neurocognitive Approach in order to back up her expertise in human decoding.
Today she is working with managers and directors on how they are positioned with respect to openness and she is coaching teams facing change (evolution of the jobs, markets, organizations …). Agnès combines her passions and her trade. She injects vocal improvisation into her trainings and coaching serving the development of talents and managerial creativity, especially in complex and changing situations.


Agnès Grisard
Le coaching An-Dante

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