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PWN Paris Newsletter July

July 2017

Welcome to our new board!

June was a rich month for the advancement of women presence at the top.
For the first time in history, we have close to 40% women elected at the Parliament and a perfectly balanced government with 50% +1 women.
This is a huge step forward… even though we would been thrilled if a woman would have been nominated President of a Party or President of the Parliament.
This new situation is perfect to demonstrate how women are agent of change and models of renewed relationships, constructive and caring rather than adversarial and negative.

June was also a rich month for PWN Paris: a month of renewal of the Boards of PWN Paris and PWN Global.

Paris Board is now composed of:
Cecile Bernheim and Francoise Derolez, co-presidents,
Catherine Brennan, General Secretary,
Christine Valentin, Treasurer,
Nelly Chenelat and Diane Rivière, co-VP Marketing and Communication,
Odile Laurent, VP Membership
Evguenia Rouault, VP Corporate Partners,
Corinne Albert, VP Events, Corinne Hirsch, VP Think Tank,
Isabelle Lange, VP Top Executive,
Agnieszka Jaros, VP Professional Development,
Aude Latouche, VP Entrepreneurship,
Sarah Haddane and Beatrice Castaing de Longueville, co-VP Mentoring
This enthusiastic and energetic team will be active for the coming year to make your experience as member of PWN even richer.
This new Board is already on the job with the first Board meeting on July 8th to develop the strategy and be ready for the kick-off in September of the 2017-2018 program.
Francoise and Cecile add a personal word of thank you for your renewed trust in their action and program towards a more balanced representation of men and women in the professional world.

A new team has also been elected at PWN Global level:
Sonya Richardson (Amsterdam) and Rob Baker (London), co-President
Marta Delgado, General Secretary (Madrid)
Florence Elisabeth, Treasurer (Paris)
Betina Mazarino, VP Entrepreneurship (Munich)
Funda Sezgin, VP Engaging Men (Istanbul)
Sorana Baciu, VP Executive Programs, Romania,
Valérie Arnold, VP Mentoring (Brussels)
Sheila Gemin, VP Network Strategy (Amsterdam)
Bentje Feldberg, VP New Networks (Oslo)
Emma Olohan, VP Public Relations (Dublin)
Arianna Conte, VP Technology (Milan)

Françoise and Cecile wish you an excellent holiday season and are looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Cécile & Françoise
PWN Paris Presidents


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