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PWN Paris Newsletter June 2019

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

To conclude the PWN Paris 2019 congress, we announced the opening of the network to male executives and managers who wish to take concrete action to promote gender balance in the economic world.

After 23 years of existence, the Professional Women's Network Paris, until now exclusively reserved for women, is opening its membership to men, ambassadors of gender equality and parity. This initiative is motivated by the belief that gender balance in organizations is a factor of innovation and competitiveness for the development and performance of companies, because gender issues are everyone's business, and finally because our ambition is to work towards a more just and balanced society. We believe it is essential to involve men in our approach. It is together that we are building the society of tomorrow.

Our 2018/2019 season is coming an end, but we still have some great PWN Paris events and networking opportunities planned for you before the summer break  -  take a look at our website and book your agenda now.

Françoise & Cécile

Françoise Derolez & Cécile Bernheim
PWN Paris Presidents



PWN Paris becomes the 1st inclusive network in France


(English version below) - Le congrès PWN Paris 2019 vient de s'achever, journée intense autour du thème des Talents et Métiers de demain. Nous avons eu le plaisir d'acueillir des intervenants.tes...


PWN Paris vient de célébrer la 9ème édition du Prix de l’Entrepreneure Responsable


Le PER by PWN récompense depuis 10 ans, des femmes qui veulent changer la société en créant des entreprises à impact social, sociétal et/ou environnemental.


Back On Our Latest Events

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A look back at PWN Paris 2019 Congress "Talent, Value YOURS!"


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Workshop "Promote your talents to boost your career!" on June 12 at the PWN Paris Congress


As promised, following the workshop "Promote your talents to boost your career!" by PWN Paris Women in Transition team on June 12 during our PWN Congress, here is a compilation of articles to...


PWN Paris Congress: what the participants said


See the full collection of tweets from the day by the participants and speakers of PWN Paris Congress 2019 


Time to take stock 


By the time you read this, our workshop of May 21st at the INC, “How are you ? Where are you going ?” will be a distant memory and our Congress 2019 will have worked its magic on us all. We do...


Our Members

Thrilled to see so many new members joining PWN Paris!


More than 40 women participated in PWN Paris Welcome Cocktail on May 22 at the prestigious Hôtel de l’Industrie in central Paris. The evening presentation was hosted by Cecile Berheim,...



Ulrike Lehmann, Group HR Projects Director, Korian


Born in Berlin, I grew up in London and Chicago and took my O-levels in Germany. Uncertain about my professional plans, I chose to study law in the south of France long before the European Erasmus...


Our Partners

PWN Paris Congress 2019 Sponsors and Partners


Thank you to all our sponsors who contributed to the success of the 22nd edition of the PWN Congress Paris...



In The Press

PWN Paris ouvre son réseau féminin aux hommes


EXCLUSIF -Le réseau féminin PWN Paris qui compte plus de 700 membres ouvre dès aujourd'hui son adhésion aux hommes cadres et dirigeants souhaitant agir pour favoriser l'équilibre femmes-hommes...


Le réseau féminin PWN Paris s’ouvre aux hommes : 3 questions à la co-présidente Cécile Bernheim


Messieurs, à vous de jouer ! C’est officiel, les hommes pourront désormais rejoindre le réseau de femmes PWN Paris. La nouvelle est tombée mercredi 12 juin lors du Congrès annuel du réseau à...


Inspiring Quote Of The Month

“Stop fixing the women; stop blaming the men”


Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Founder of PWN and CEO of 20-first, at the PWN Paris 2019 Congress



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