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PWN Paris Newsletter March 2019

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, 

The International Women’s Day was the occasion of many events, panels, conferences. 

All of them pointed out the progress accomplished over the last years but also put the light on the remaining journey: achieving equality in the workplace,  increasing presence of women at all levels of organisation, and especially in executive committees and in the industrial sectors.

How can we get there?

“Recipees” are known such as the recommendations of the Observatoire de la Mixité or scrutinizing companies with the publication of equality index, introduced recently by Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labor. 

However this not enough. Actions need to be taken both with women and men.

Too many women are still too shy and not audacious enough to propose themselves for higher jobs or negotiate higher salaries, despite high level of talent. Networks like Professional Women Network, are excellent and friendly environments to test, learn and share. Our activities are all geared towards inspiring you, developing/mentoring you or offering you occasions to exchange between members success, pain or best practices. 

As members, we encourage you to share with female friends and colleagues the value of joining a network, of course preferably PWN  ;) , and the benefits you are getting out of it. Be an ambassador.

We are also convinced that too many men are still not on board of the diversity journey. Several reasons to that: they do not understand what’s at stake, they fear that bringing women up the ladder will interfere with their own career or they are not at ease with managing women or being managed by women. Luckily not all men are in such a mindset with men like those adhering to movements like “Happy Men” or “Jamais sans elles” are fantastic allies of the diversity and equality battle. 

So lowering men and women barriers is critical. We need to join forces, working hand-in-hand men and women, asking men to be men-bassadors , building joint activities and create TOGETHER a positive dynamic. 

PWN has embarked on this approach starting with the launch of the reverse mentoring program, mentoring men by women, welcoming men in the events, engaging our partners. This is a start, we plan to go further. We’ll soon share our plan. 

With our warm regards,

Françoise & Cécile

Françoise Derolez & Cécile Bernheim
PWN Paris Presidents


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