Welcome Cocktail: a new name for a new formula.

The traditional PWN Paris Last Thursday Cocktail has been renamed Welcome Cocktail: a new name characteristic of its new formula that aims at welcoming new members of the network as well as professionals interested in knowing more about PWN. 

Thanks to her dynamic team, Marie-Laetitia Gourdin, VP Membership, welcomed more than 40 women to the network with a buffet cocktail organised at the renown Hôtel de l’Industrie, in the centre of Paris. 

The participants have been introduced to the network, in presence of Cecile Berheim, co-President of PWN Paris, Marie-Laure Barrau, VP Entrepreneurship, and Danielle Deffontaines and Sylvie Serre from the Mentoring Team

Suzana Iorga, a new Premium Member of PWN Paris, has kindly agreed to answer a few questions: 

How did you learn about PWN Paris network? 

It was a recommendation of a friend’s friend, Dana, a few years ago. Dana was a member and presented it to me as “the place to be” to develop one own’s professional network and to find inspiration when facing a career choice.

Why did you choose to join PWN Paris as a Premium Member?

I joined because I intend to take active part in the association that has got a lot to offer, but also because the full membership is the best way to explore the all the varied and unsuspected opportunities of networking.

What would you like to do in the network? Why did you choose to become an active volunteer? 

I signed up for the Mentoring program, the presentation of which was terrific on October 3rd. As a volunteer, I am proud to be involved in the membership team and take part in developing new projects like “International Women” or the “Welcome kit”, I believe that PWN Paris can continue to attract more and more talented women. 

The next edition of the Welcome Cocktail is scheduled on Thursday 29 Novembre at Hôtel de l’Industrie. Online registrations are open until 26 Novembre at https://pwnparis.net/events/1820-pwn-last-thursday-cocktail.html 


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