PWN Paris - Running@PWN Paris Foulée de Vincennes

03 February 2019 Vincennes

Foulées de Vincennes is a convivial run over 5 or 10km. Running@PWN will participate to this race

 Running@PWN Paris - Foulée de Vincennes

February 3rd, 2019   11:00   Vincennes

 We from Running@PWN Paris will be among them

If you are motivated to run with us, just register before Jan 29th individually:

register for 5km or 10km "loisirs", starting at 11.00 

Once registered, please inform Andrea Vielhaber and Catherine Gassier-Weill, in charge of Running@PWN Paris.

We will include you in our running team news. You will receive further informations about our training sessions on Sunday mornings and other races to come (e.g. March 16, 2019: Ecotrail). 

If you wish more information about Running@PWN Paris, and receive the running team news, please send us a mail. 

Catherine & Andrea


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