PWN Paris - Conflict: Taming those toxins ! - Professional Development Workshop

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12 December 2017 18:30 - 21:00 TF1

Toxic behaviours in our relationships, whether personal or professional, are hard to handle. For all of us. If the toxicity is directed at us, we often struggle to manage our triggers and vulnerabilities. Explore together the possible « antidotes » and how to better handle those toxic behaviours !

Toxic behaviours and/or the expression of really strong emotions are hard to handle. They tend to knock us off balance and temporarily rob us of our resources. If the toxicity is directed at us, the impact may be even greater, leaving us struggling to manage our triggers and vulnerabilities whilst trying to put on a brave face and maintain our composure. Whether in a personal or a professional relationship. 

John Gottman (relationship expert and best-selling author) calls these toxins the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They are criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling. The good news is that there ARE antidotes, we can indeed integrate new ways of reacting, new ways of being that will, over time, modify the nature of our difficult relationships.

During the workshop, we’ll explore these behaviours, how they show up and the impact they may have. And we’ll consider which behaviours are sometimes present in our own relationships. We’ll then explore the possible antidotes that neutralize their toxicity, whether we are the recipient or the emitter of the behaviour in question. 

If we are the recipient of a toxin, we can respond with one of the antidotes instead of reacting with more toxic behaviour. Checking ourselves as we react will help build more positive behaviours which will have a positive impact in our relationships…. For toxins feed off each other and cannot live alone !

This experiential workshop on relationship toxins and their antidotes will therefore enable you to

  • understand relationship toxins, where they come from, what’s behind them, their impact
  • explore, in a safe environment, how these toxins and the resulting destructive behaviours sometimes show up in our relationships
  • consider useful responses and antidotes for when they do show up in our « systems ». 

Contact: Romaine Johnstone – 06 64 27 29 07 -

  • Starting time: 6.30pm welcome participants
  • Start of the workshop: 7pm (sharp) 
  • Ending time: 8.30pm + networking cocktail
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Maximum capacity: 20
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Event in English

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92100 Boulogne
Immeuble de l'Atrium
6 Place Abel Gance
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€25 per attendee

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