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Dare to lead your life ! Because you can ! Of course you can...

The PWN Professional Development team is proud to launch its exciting 2018 - 2019 programme. Our objective this year is to offer you a succession of experiential workshops which will provide you with rewarding and stimulating tools for personal development (because that’s where it all starts) and more professional development (because that’s where we’re heading).

Our objective is to provide you with an opportunity to learn new ways of being (and doing) to attain that empowerment that we’re all talking about. It’s down to  us to decide to reach for those opportunities and to take those tiny steps to help us on our way.

The workshops organized by the PWN Professional Development team will help you do just that : with the help of experts in their fields and the support of our peers, we’ll learn something new about ourselves and others, we’ll decide to be or do something differently. We’ll also learn from sharing and exchanging with others in a safe and convivial environment, where diversity is welcome and indeed encouraged. So we can learn and grow together. And build our impact, because together we are stronger. And together we dare !

The theme of the first workshop, on Wednesday September 19th, will be Neurobehavioral sciences : our brain is our greatest ally !

Why start with this theme ? Because understanding how our brain works means that we can better understand why and how we act the way we do. And that actually we can  slowly but surely - decide to change the things we do and say. Because we can ! Because we want to lead our own lives !
So, please save the following dates :
1. Wednesday September 19th : Neurobehavioral sciences : our brain is our greatest ally! With Pierre Moorkens, from the Institut de Neurocognitivisme in Paris.
2. Wednesday October 10th -  Learning to inquire and appreciate who and what we are.
3. Tuesday November 20th - Choosing to communicate differently .  HERE
4. Tuesday January 15th - Exploring our vulnerability.  HERE
5. Tuesday February 19th - Discovering the power of listening.  HERE 
6. Tuesday March 26th - Working our network. Register HERE
7. Tuesday April 16th - Managing our career. Register HERE
8. Tuesday May 21st - Planning for the way forwards ! Register HERE
There hopefully won’t be too many changes but please be indulgent if for some reason we need to modify the programme slightly. We’ll give you plenty of warning of course if that were to happen.

Thanks to all those of you who came forward offering to run a workshop this coming year. We  were not able to include all the fabulous proposals received but we’re creating a database of experts and themes for future programmes.

Any questions, any comments or suggestion on the above or on any other topic, do contact us, we’d love to hear from you :
Romaine Johnstone :
Nathalie Colin :
Alexandra Germeau :
We look forward to meeting you all and to “working” with you month after month, hand in hand. Because together we dare to lead our life !
Alexandra, Nathalie and Romaine


The PWN Professional Development workshops for 2018 - 2019 are kindly hosted by our partner the INC - Institut du Neurocognitivisme.


Thank you to Pierre Moorkens and his team for their support and to PWN member Muriel Janoir Bessioud for making it happen.

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