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Top Executive and Women on Board Programs :

 Are you still on the wrong side of the Boardroom door? Need a little momentum? “Women On Board” will help you gather the drive and tools to do so. 

With the French Coppé Zimmerman law pressuring boards of big businesses to report an increasing workforce of female employees and the political context on gender diversity in business, we seized the chance to initiate our “Women On Board(s)” project to actively support women who are searching for a board mandate.

Who is the WOB for?
- Members who are ready for a mandate and are looking for their “very first”
- In a second stage, members who wish to prepare their future in a board

 If you think you are ready to enter a board and wish to profit from the WOB initiative, we will ask you to send your CV and answer a survey on your specific business experiences. Women On Board(s) will give you greater visibility and the opportunity to benefit from our different partnerships we have created (IFA, CJD and more to come). WOB organizes meetings with business associations, business combinations and CEOs who are interested - our targets being medium-sized companies (ETI, PME…). 

Women On Board(s) is currently creating a detailed database including all the women of the network ready to become a board member. The idea is to link our database directly with selected headhunters – a direct link to that Boardroom door!

For those of you who plan to enter a board later on in time and wish to be prepared, we will help you improve your positioning in relation to the CEO and board by organizing training and coaching sessions together with our VP Professional Development.


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