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 New members events

Last Thursday Cocktail: A chance to drop in, without reserving or forward-planning, and meet some of Paris’ most dynamic and international business women. Join us – come and see for yourself or bring a friend and introduce them to PWN Paris, one of Europe’s most active networks for professional women.
Ideal for new members or future members interested in discovering what is PWN Paris and how to get the most of your membership. Our members will be happy to answer all your questions in a friendly, unformal setting. No reservation required.


Women in Transition program

What is WiT:
The aims of this career track are twofold: recognise that we do not have linear careers anymore and that while in transition, we need some specific support and resources.
With this in mind, our objective is to facilitate the exchange amongst members, to give access to resources and to experts that can share tips and tricks. In short, create a community of members that can help each other in a collaborative way.

Our objectives:
Our goal, however, is not to replace outplacement agencies or any other structure in job search and we will be constructing our offering by leveraging events from other PWN groups. We will also want to hear what members in transition need.
Where/how often do we meet
1 per month at Dirigeants & Partenaires rue du faubourg Saint Honoré from 18h30 to 21hOO
Who can attend:
Program open to premium members only
What’s the programme?
Programme women in transition 2017

    11/10/2017 Comment se présenter : pitch après avoir construit son projet
    15/11 Comment utiliser les réseaux sociaux pour augmenter sa visibilité comment il faut écrire  son CV pour être lu correctement  par un logiciel de sélection
    13/12 Passer d’un poste de salariée à la création d’entreprise, retour d’expérience entrepreneur
    09/01/2018 Comment réseauter et développer son réseau
    13/02 Session libre, à disposition des membres du groupe
    14/03 Speed coaching recruteurs et investisseurs
    11/04 Les partenaires de la transition : la chasse de tête, l'outplacement…
    22/05 Les partenaires de la transition : le management de transition, l’interim cadre.
    19/06 Retour expérience transition : retour étranger, changement d’orientation, managements de transition, retour à l’emploi après plus d’un an de chômage

For more information: Catherine Brennan 


Young Developing Professionals Program

More to come


International Program

More to come


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