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A simple definition of think tank is an organization that consists of a group of people who think of new ideas on a particular subject or who give advice about what should be done (Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Early 2007, many of our members were ready to spend time reflecting on women’s career in order to develop better insights and new tools. To help them out, PWN decided then to propose a structured community and launched the initial Think-Tank Groups.

Indeed, our value lies mainly in our collective knowledge, our experience of women’s career issues and in the power of a network and its ecosystem, a fertile ground for good ideas and practices, offering a wealth of testimonies and models to discuss and share.

PWN Think Tank Groups aim at:

  • Giving regular fuel for thinking to the network
  • Creating influence & visibility for internal and external communities
  • Providing a framework enabling brainstorming to respond to specific questions raised to improve the women’s career development
  • Following PWN strategic directions around specific topics, interlinked with other board areas & Clubs

They particularly contributed to the enrichment of the PWN editing collection “women@work” which counts already twelve books: Women, careers and competitive advantage in the millennium / Alice au pays de l'entreprise, petit manuel de la mixité / Women on board, moving mountains / Networking, le nouveau fil d'Ariane / Administrateur-e au féminin.


 Five groups are currently on track:   

" Women and Money " 

led by Ulrike Lehmann and Corinne Albert

In 2013, the Women & Money Think-Tank deployed a huge European survey to understand and demystify the drivers of the women’s relationship to money. Responding to PWN members’ enthusiasm enhanced by an extensive press coverage, the team has developed a program of workshops and conferences to encourage women to dare talk about money and deal with money. Besides they recently took an original initiative, a documentary, to get the wide-ranging nature of expertise and debates out to as many people as possible. Premiering on September 19, 2016, this film is a big success already distinguished by the French government in their initiatives against sexism.  Click here to learn more.

" WakeUpWomen2025 " 

led by Naima El Amrani and Blandine Mouren 

The WakeUpWomen Think-Tank has put together a conference program aiming at raising women awareness of the impact of the digital revolution. Health 3.0, Work 3.0, Education 3.0: the experts on these themes have shared their knowledge to help our members become ‘digital ready’. Thanks to the initiatives of this think-tank, our members can fully participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolutionwithout merely putting up with the expected changes.  Click here to learn more. 

" Women & Ambition "

led by Patricia Wyckhuys

The Women & Ambition Think-tank wants to paint the picture of the Women of the Future. The team is currently interviewing PWN members of various generations in order to understand the ambitions of working women of Yesterday and Today. Tracing the personal and professional lives of women from different backgrounds and origins, over several generations, they will highlight aspirations and satisfactions, but also constraints and indignations. They will then give an overview of the Women of the Future’s professional needs and ambitions so that the economic future be written with them. Click here to learn more. 

Partnership with the " EDHEC Open Leadership for Diversity & Inclusion " center

led by Corinne Hirsch

 This R&D initiative is based on Open Innovation pursuing the ongoing progress of diversity within companies from two angles, inclusion and transformation of leadership models. Partner in this first Open Innovation experience in Human Resources Management, this PWN Think-Tank is member of the center advisory board. A PWN contribution was the access to our network for our members to be able to participate to the « Leadership, diversity, gender equality and performance » survey. The study results will be presented at PWN Paris in the months to come.  

" Career change "

led by Françoise Mérour and Cigdem Demirel

This Career Change Think-Tank is finalizing a collective work of research and writing. This work will enable women to actively prepare for the systemic changes that are already starting to substantially transform the working world. Offering a wealth of interviews, advices and exercises, this document will propose a very practical methodology so that women keep on managing their professional life regardless of the desired or imposed career changes that they will have to face.


Each Think Tank Group sets deliverables according to their desires: analysis of studies, press releases, best practice benchmarking, article writing or even engaging in a great book writing adventure.

If you are interested in one of the themes and ready to volunteer one hour per month (or more!), join the Think Tank Groups already created, or create a new one. We meet once a month in central Paris.

By leveraging the experience and volunteerism of our members, we intend to provide our network with regular fuel for thinking.

Corinne Hirsch, VP Think Tanks PWN Paris


Think Tank Leaders


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