Brigitte GRESY
Advisory Board

Brigitte is a leading French specialist in professional equality between women and men. She authored the report of the “Commission on the Image of Women in the Media” and the 2009 French Ministry of Employment report on gender inequality in the workplace. Her book, “Petit Traité contre le Sexisme Ordinaire”, highlights the imbalance that persists in France between men and women in the professional and private spheres. Sheis a member of France’s “Observatoire de la Parité entre les Hommes et les Femmes”.
During her career as a senior civil servant and in Ministerial cabinets, she has contributed to legislative reform and worked with all the actors for gender equality: researchers, NGOs, unions and politicians.
Brigitte holds the “agrégation” in grammar and is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA).