Marie-Claude PEYRACHE
Advisory Board

Marie-Claude’s international career has taken her from Japan to Europe via Bombay. She has held numerous executive positions with France Télécom-Orange, including Director of Communications, Regional Director for Ile de France and Director of the Japanese subsidiary.

She is a pioneer in promoting women’s professional advancement in France. She initiated France Télécom’s internal women’s network and mentoring programme and is a founding member of “InterElles”, the association of women’s networks in large technology firms. Marie-Claude was President of PWN in Paris from 2005 to 2009 and served on the Global Federation board.
She has co-authored or prefaced several books in the EuropeanPWNWomen@work series, including “Alice in Business Land”, “Networking, the New Ariane’s Thread” and “Mentoring, a Powerful tool for Women”.

Marie-Claude holds a degree in economics from Grenoble University and an MBA from McGill University.