Paris Board - VP Develop

Romaine Johnstone is a certified coach, a facilitator and trainer and resolutely bi-cultural. She is passionate about people, about their development and her own, about leadership and where that sits within each of us. At home and at work. She’s passionate about the potential of diversity and inclusion. And about relationships and their potential. Romaine is driven by change, by its challenges and opportunities. She is fascinated by words and their impact. And her single most important objective is to share all this with her clients with lightness and positivity whenever possible.

She was brought up roaming Europe and parts of Africa. As an adult, she lived and worked in Brussels and London before moving to France, to the west of Toulouse. She’s now happily based in Paris. With a background in vocational training and, before that, in marketing and communication, becoming a systemic coach was something of a calling for her. The empowerment of women, young and not so young, is at the heart of her work. As is the development of youths and responsible start-ups. With the hope of giving them all, early, the awareness and strength that is coming to her with time.

Romaine works as a systemic coach in English and French with both individuals and teams, in organisations and in the private sphere.

Besides her experience in coaching and training top management and members of company Executive Committees in English, she runs Leadership and management seminars in English and French at the Paris School of Business and trains students studying Media and Communication in English in a reputable university in Paris.

Romaine has extensive experience in recruitment and training, team management, strategic development and over 20 years experience in marketing and communication, acquired in Paris, London and Brussels.

She is VP Professional Development at the Professional Women’s Network in Paris and a member of ICF (International Coach Federation), TESOL France and The Language Network. Johnstone Business Coaching is DataDock approved and a registered training organization in France.