Ulrike Lehmann, Group HR Projects Director, Korian

Born in Berlin, I grew up in London and Chicago and took my O-levels in Germany. Uncertain about my professional plans, I chose to study law in the south of France long before the European Erasmus program appeared. In parallel to my studies, I was a professional Volleyball player and this team experience is still part of my DNA today.

I started my career in the field of event organization bringing together up to 4 000 delegates, supporting scientific programs and managing trade shows and up to 100 staff. After a few years, feeling that I has seen the best of this business, I went back to school and did a 2nd Master’s degree in Human Resources. I worked for Chantelle Group as HR Director Sales & Marketing, International Subsidiaries and then for HanesBrands as HR Development Director Western Europe. Nothing motivates me more than to support my teams to hit their objectives.

MY NEW JOB: Since February 2019, I have joined Korian, the leading care home provider for permanent or temporary care for elderly people who are no longer able to live at home, as Group HR Projects Director. My mission is to contribute to the Group’s growth by aligning international HR strategies, creating synergies between Korian countries and thus developing our perspectives and Employer brand.

Working in the social sector is challenging, but fulfilling; I admire our facility teams all over Europe that take care of the elderly. Every home is different and full of life. I hope to contribute to changing the perception of elderly homes and the professionals that work there. 

WHAT DOES PWN PROVIDE ME WITH? I am a PWN member since 2004. I created the PWN HR Club that became the Professional Development Club, and was part of the first Congress Organization team. Then in 2013, I took the lead of the Think Tank Women & Money. Together with Corinne Hirsch and Corinne Albert, we summarized our conclusions in PWN’s first prize winning documentary film: “Women & Money, Let’s talk about money, cards on the table”, available on YouTube if you have not seen it yet: https://www.pwnparis.net/resources/whats-new/research/1031:women-money-think-tank.html

Looking back, I would say that PWN has truly supported my growth by providing a structure and a platform supporting its members to start projects, exchange ideas and learn new competencies. Finally, the think tank made me realize what is most important in life: it is your dream! What do you really want to do with the 80 years you will wander on this planet? Therefore, once you are clear about your objectives…

WHAT DO YOU ADVISE TO WOMEN? …be bold! Chose your role model and stop worrying about your speed, forward is forward!  

Ulrike Lehmann

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